Ben Graham is a designer & digital artist who produces vector based artwork. His prints range from geometric art through to gestalt based work with a wide variety of interests shown through his prints. His work crosses over and blurs the lines between art and design. He was born in Brisbane, Australia and completed studies in 2014 gaining a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland University of Technology. From 2009 - 2010 he studied music and sound design but found that after much effort "music was a full time job that didn't pay like one".

In 2011 he changed courses out of music into studies based on design and its application to modern technology (including web development). Originally early in life he painted, sketched and had a great interest in visual arts, Australian art and modern art. While at university and since completing his degree he has had an interest in design, photography, creative coding (processing) and web development.

His grandfather was a painter who early on in life encouraged family members interests around art, through lively discussions at family gatherings and through his own work consisting largely of oil paintings. Ben currently resides in Brisbane and travels regularly to both the coast and hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. In his spare time he enjoys reading and continued practice. All work is original and created in vector graphics applications using digital based tools. None of the artwork is programmed or algorithmic.